Tamper Tabs

VeriCheck Tamper Tabs are an easy-to-use bluing agent to eliminate the opportunity of using water (e.g. toilet bowl water) to dilute a urine sample in order to adulterate tests.


VeriCheck Tamper Tabs Bluing Agent

Use Tamper Tabs to eliminate dilution or substitution with toilet water.

Simply place a single tablet in the toilet bowl and watch as it instantly “fizzes up” and turns the water blue.


Meets DOT Requirements

As per the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) CFR 40.41(2)(i).

Secure all sources of water and other substances that could be used for adulteration and substitution (e.g., water faucets, soap dispensers) and place bluing agent in all toilets or secure the toilets to prevent access.

VeriCheck blue toilet dye


Ensuring reliable, accurate testing is of paramount importance to us and to each one of our customers. That’s why there are no shortcuts made in the manufacturing process of VeriCheck® products. We only use the best materials and processes to ensure that we deliver consistency every time. Manufactured in a ISO 13485:2016 environment with strict adherence to quality & manufacturer processes and procedures include an easy-to-remove security label designed to ensure privacy, professionalism and confidentiality of the test results.


Our new labels and product inserts now come in English, French and Spanish to allow for safe drug testing around the world.

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