Oral Fluid

VeriCheck Oral Fluid Drug Test

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Designed for Efficiency

Oral fluid testing has always been difficult to perform, until we looked at all of the reasons why it was – and fixed them.

  • Proprietary non-toxic additive to the swab promotes saliva production in even the most “driest mouths”.
  • Activates in just a minute and requires no extra swabbing or steps to complete the test.
  • Compact design stores neatly and takes up little space.
Canadian testing

Made for Canadian testing

Why let other countries tell you how, and for what, you should be testing? We understand Canada, because we’re a Canadian company. Rest assured that we are going to have the products that meet your needs and that our focus is on the future of Canadian testing.

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Ensuring reliable, accurate testing is of paramount importance to us and to each one of our customers. That’s why there are no shortcuts made in the manufacturing process of VeriCheck products. We only use the best materials and processes to ensure that we deliver consistency every time.

No cost

No-cost Training

We include VeriCheck training resources at no cost to our customers.

ISO Certified

High Quality

Manufactured in a ISO 13485:2016 environment with strict adherence to quality & manufacturer processes and procedures

Bi lingual

Bilingual With French Canadian Support

The only product on the Canadian market that is offered in both official languages, French and English.

drug strips

Available Drugs

The VeriCheck Drug Test Cup can be configured with up to 14 drugs and adulterants.

Click here for the list of available drugs.

thc cut off weed

Lowest THC Cut-off

The Verify Diagnostics Oral Fluid THC detection cut-off is an amazing 10 ng/mL.
An industry first!