About VeriCheck®

Proudly Canadian

VeriCheck® is proudly brought to you by Verify Diagnostics, located in beautiful Barrie, Ontario.

We fully understand Canadian drug testing needs. After all, we are a 100% Canadian company ourselves. We make the VeriCheck® lines of products to meet those exact needs, having all drug testing guidelines in mind.

About Verify Diagnostics

Verify Diagnostics has been offering drug and alcohol testing products and services since 2008. Our products are top-tier devices of the highest quality and standards. We also make sure that our test are highly accurate, and represent a quicker alternative to lab testing. Lastly, our tests are easy to use, in terms of both the collecting samples and getting result readings.

With our team of highly experienced experts, Verify Diagnostics has researched and sourced only the best materials for use in the manufacturing of the VeriCheck® devices, which has resulted in the development of the best drug testing devices ever seen in Canada.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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