Drug Adulteration Test Strips

Adulterant testing is used to confirm the validity of the specimen by checking 7 different parameters.

VeriCheck Adulteration Test Strips

Detect dilution or “flushing” of the system

Protect against false negatives

Protect against sample altering

Detects oxidizing / bleaching agents

VeriCheck Adulterant Test Strips Procedure

These 7 parameters can be tampering your specimens:


 Tests for sample dilution.

In this assay, creatinine reacts with a creatinine indicator in an alkaline condition to form a purplish-brown colour complex. The concentration of creatinine is directly proportional to the colour intensity of the test pad.


This test screens for the presence of exogenous aldehyde. Adulterants like UrinAid and Clear Choice contain glutaraldehyde which could cause a false negative result by disrupting the enzyme used in some immunoassay tests.


Tests for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterants. This test is based on the well-known double pH indicator method that gives distinguishable colors over a wide pH range.


Oxidants Adding bleach or other oxidants to urine can “destroy” the drug molecules in the urine specimen.

Pyridinium Chlorochromate

This adulterant, sold under the brand name UrineLuck produces oxidants that should not be present in urine and may indicate that the sample has been adulterated.


Commercial adulterants such as Klear and Whizzies will cause a positive result for nitrites. These products work by oxidizing the major cannabinoid metabolite THC-COOH. Normal urine specimens should contain no trace of nitrites and positive results for nitrites usually indicate the presence of an adulterant.

Specific Gravity

Tests for sample dilution.

The normal range is from 1.003 to 1.030. Values outside this range may be the result of specimen dilution or adulteration.

Cups and dips can be configured with the below adulterant test configurations:

  • SVT3A – 3-panel SVT strip CR SG PH
  • SVT3B – 3-panel SVT strip NI OX GL
  • SVT3C – 3-panel SVT strip CR PH OX
  • SVT6 – 6-panel SVT strip CR SG PH NI OX GL

This is a screening test device and does not provide a definitive test result. Laboratory confirmatory testing is recommended to confirm any non-negative test result.

Detect dilution of system 'flushing'

Protect against sample altering and false negatives

Detect oxidizing / bleaching agents

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