Simplify Drug Screening.

Reduce costs with VeriCheck® rapid drug testing devices.

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The VeriCheck® product line includes rapid testing cups, multi panel and single dips, supplies and more.


Help confirm the validity of a specimen for drug testing; eliminate the chances of tampering drug test results.

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VeriCheck® provides second-to-none support and continuous education to promote confidence and proficiency in the use of our products.

Our rapid tests meet Canadian and U.S. Standards.

We take pride in setting our customers up for success.

It can be difficult to gauge whether enough saliva has been collected to activate the test properly.

The VeriCheck® Oral Fluid Test is equipped with a swab, separate from the device, that contains a saturation indicator.


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oral fluid leak proof

Customers love the easy-to-use, leak-proof design.

The VeriCheck® Oral Fluid test locks and seals when the collection is complete. No spills or leaks!

Who uses VeriCheck® Rapid Testing Devices?

Third-Party Administrators

Hundreds of businesses across Canada rely on VeriCheck products for their drug and alcohol testing services.

Drug Testing Laboratories

Monitoring made easy with always reliable results.


Reduce industrial accidents related to drug use and ensure the public’s safety.

Clinics & Pain Management Centres

Monitoring made easy with always reliable results.

Criminal Justice Systems and Law Enforcement Agencies

Drug testing can take place in all stages of the criminal justice system: arrest, pretrial phase, during incarceration, probation, and parole.

Rapid Tests And Supplies

Customizable configurations and choose from 47 different drugs and alcohol tests.

drug test cup vericheck


This VeriCheck® device integrates multiple drug test strips in a collection cup and delivers; instant results,  convenience, and accuracy.

VeriCheck Multi Panel Drug Test Dip


The VeriCheck® multi-panel drug test is easy-to-use, compact and cost effective.

Simply dip the device in the collected urine sample.

VeriCheck single dip rapid drug test


The VeriCheck® single-panel drug test is easy-to-use, compact and cost effective.

Simply dip the device in the collected urine sample.

VeriCheck Oral Fluid Drug Tests


The VeriCheck® Oral Fluid Test minimizes specimen collection errors, reduces risks of collector exposure and most importantly: ensures high quality, accurate tests.

vericheck tamper tabs


Use VeriCheck® Tamper Tabs to eliminate dilution or substitution with toilet water.

adulterant testing


Screen for fentanyl, carfentanil, or 7 different parameters.

VeriCheck Specimen Cup Temperature Strip


Confirm the validity of the specimen with a temperature strip on your collection cup.

Looking for training?

Take advantage of our fully certified and free training on VeriCheck® medical devices and COVID-19 tests.

CLIA Waived, Health Canada & FDA Licensed Devices and fully DOT compliant. 

Custom courses available!


“The VeriCheck® testing unit is a far superior product than any in todays current market. It’s cleaner, faster and up to this point I have yet to have any product failures or canceled tests due to product malfunction. Pricing is exceptional and allows me to have a step up on my competition. As with anything the after service support with the Verify Diagnostics group has been exceptional. Anyone can sell, it’s the after service and support you receive that matters.”

– Shaun,
General Manager

“Not only does VeriCheck® provide us with impeccable service and a highly qualified, readily available support team, but they also provide us with top of the line products. The VeriCheck® POCT cups that we use are a high quality product at a low cost and we couldn’t be happier with them.”

– Tracey,
Operations Manager

We can find the best solution for all of your drug and alcohol testing needs.

Let us help you set yourself up for success!